Letter to Walter Zettl from Siegmund Friedrich, President of FN Publishing Firm

Translated from German

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Zettl

Thank you kindly for that beautiful Christmas greeting and detailed letter. It is always a
pleasure to hear from you. I find you to be most stimulating, motivating and inspiring.
You have earned my utmost admiration and respect. Your style, grace and exceptional
teaching methods serve as a great example for others, especially younger people. Your
methods tend to match perfectly the needs of the horse as well as the rider. I find your
love of horses and humanity to be very impressive. You deserve the highest distinguished
medal ever for your endeavors.

I have found some quotations and wisdoms of life which I feel represent you, your positive
attitude especially in your work with horses. I hereby dedicate these to you, as follows:

Meeting is a beginning. Consistency is a progress. Collaboration is the success.
(Henry Ford)

Strive for peace, but through balance, not through the standstill of your activity.
(Friedrich von Schiller)

That everything has its time, also means, that everything needs its time.
(Ernst Ferstl)

Pay attention that you choose the right method, and the goal will adjust itself.
(Mahatama Gandhi)

Who stops to improve, is no longer good enough.
(E.-G. Meyer)

The years teach us much the days will never know.
(Ralph Waldo Emerson)

The only dignified base for contact with an animal is knowledge.
(Konrad Lorence)

There are more people that quite voluntarily, than there are people that will genuinely fail.
(Henry Ford) This is definitely not meant for you, Mr. Zettl.

Adapt yourself to the pace of nature, her secret is patience.

Each roughness is a sign of weakness.

Where force is used, there is force being awoken.
(Karl Jasper)

It is often praise that will guide us back to the correct way.
(Leo Lohberger)

If you are patient in a moment of anger, you will save yourself a hundred days of grief.

Learning is like rowing against the stream: who stops, will drift backwards.
(Chinese proverb)

A noble horse is not valued by its strength, but by its character.

Again, Mr. Zettl, I believe the quotations above are an excellent description of your way
of thinking, your actions and your ability with working with horses and people. I find it
most impressive that you still possess the physical stamina to continue instructing in so
many dressage clinics, keeping in mind the enormous amount of travel this involves for
you and your wife.

In the sense of loving teamwork, I find it wonderful that you always mention your wife
and her thorough support of you in connection with your work. Your gratitude for her is
most evident in your daily activities – another mark of your human greatness! I also
know without a doubt that you and your wife glean much joy and happiness from your
grandson. I wish you and your lovely wife many years of good health, strength and the
will to continue working with horses and the experience of watching your grandson grow
and thrive.

My wife and I do not have grandchildren yet, but we thoroughly enjoy raising our two children.
Our son, Jan, is 19 years old. He will attend a private university next year; his chosen major
is "International Economics." He finished his "Arbitur" this year earning a grade of 1.2; he
speaks the English language quite well. On January 9, 2006, he traveled to Australia for a
3-month visit to learn about that country and its people.

Our daughter Lina is now 16-years-old. She received her Moped motorcycle license this
past summer which gives her a bit of independence from her parents! Lina seemed to
outgrow her pony; therefore she got her first horse this past October. Her new horses
measures 178 cm in height, really quite tall. The horse is an all-around good-riding horse
with a really good and kind character – very important to us. Lina is practicing a lot and
wants to show her horse in A- Dressage and A- Jumping next season. (She hopes to try
her first A- Even ting at the end of the season in September 2006) My wife and I are
pleased with Lina's ambitious goal, however as parents we will ensure she will not get
impatient and will always treat her horse fairly.

My wife keeps occupied and contented taking care of our three horses and looking lovingly
after our dog. I am very happy in my work and the commercial success of the FN Publishing
Firm. Our success has been confirmed by the Executive Committee and President of FN
which I find most pleasing!

I am really excited about your new book "The Circle to Success"! I am certain it will appeal
to everyone working with horses. Perhaps down the road, it will be possible to publish a
German edition of this fine book. It is impressive to note that your book "Dressage in
Harmony" is selling so well in the USA, given the fact that your target group is relatively
small (only 40,000 dressage riders in the USA). I compliment you on that! Unfortunately
your book is not selling as well here in Germany. The market is actually larger here, but so
is the competition – a larger supply of dressage books and other media. I find it most unique
that the demand for your book does not decrease even one or two years after publication!
Comparatively speaking, books lose their value quite rapidly over here. Normally, six months
after publishing, the book is considered outdated! This is almost unbelievable and not pretty
but an unfortunate reality. The fact that your book is doing so well in America should make
you most proud!

I wish you both, Mr. and Mrs. Zettl, all the best – always! May you have a peaceful and
Happy New Year filled with much fun, joy and success in all your endeavors. May you
always accomplish your goals? I also especially wish excellent health for the both of you!

With this in mind, I send you both cordial sunny book-greetings from the FN Publishing
Firm. My wife and children also send their best wishes from the now wintry cold Warendorf.

Very cordially yours,
Siegmund Friedrich


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