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Welcome to Walter Walter A. Zettl, Also known as WAZ, is one of the world's most accomplished and revered masters of classical dressage and a sought after clinician and coach. Walter is a German dressage rider and Olympic-level dressage horse trainer.
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Whats New?

Ask Walter Zettl New Book

Whether you dream of Grand Prix dressage success or hope for a harmonious afternoon ride with your horse, Walter Zettl has advice for you. Every ride is a training session and Walter Zettl’s new book, Ask Walter, expresses many of the common training mistakes and pitfalls in our modern training methods. Ask Walter is the ultimate reference book for riders, a must for any dressage library.  This handbook for the dressage rider is now available through Premier Equestrian, a leading American manufacturer and distributor of equestrian products. 

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Famous Quotes

"The goal of all dressage riding should be to bring the horse and rider together in harmony...a oneness of balance, purpose, and athletic expression."

"Trust and respect are two-way streets. We want the horse to accept us as leaders of the herd, to guide them safely and to provide protection and comfort. In return, they will give us their respect, and willing submission to our ideas about what to do next, and when and where. But this respect can only be based on well deserved trust."

"At each stage of work the horse must be taken to his limit, but never over."

"When you have had a good ride one day, it is wonderful, but it is also very dangerous."

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Equine Journal Article

Words To The Wise - An interview With dressage Legend Walter Zettl

by Nancy Humphrey Case | Photos by Mark Neihart - Premier Equestrian Click Here to View

Walter Zettl's Exercises

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Walter Zettl's Shoulder-In Entwickeln Exercise
Improve your dressage horse's suppleness, balance and rhythm using Walter
Zettl's shoulder-in exercise
-Walter Zettl

This shoulder-in exercise by Walter Zettl requires an immediate response to forward and sideways aids. In "Shoulder-In Entwickeln" you ride shoulder-in on the long side, straighten your horse on the diagonal track, ask for shoulder-in again and ride the movement back to the track.


  • Teaches coordination of lateral bending and straightening aids
  • Supples horse in shoulder-in and in straightening
  • Straightens horse
  • Requires an immediate response to forward and sideways aids

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Walter Zettl

I believe in dressage as art, and I have practiced that art throughout my professional life.”
-Walter A. Zettl

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